Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Recently my son Philip created the above piece for the "One by One Invitational", an exhibit at the local art center in which each work was to be completed in a 1' x 1' space. Philip's piece is titled "49 Views of Earth". Each 'view' is an inch-square microcosm taken from one of his (many, many) beautiful photographs of nature. Of course, photographing the photograph does not do it justice. After the exhibit, Philip graciously gave the picture to me and now I enjoy gazing at it, imagining myself in each of those lovely spots. It's as close to a vacation as I'm going to get!

And that's not all.... the creation of the above piece resulted in these:


Well, not yet - but they will be. I have 49 perfect, beveled-edge one-inch squares of matt board just begging for color and texture and what-not. I've never made inchies but they look like so much fun I decided to host a swap on the 14 Secrets group. I've never hosted a swap, either, so this should prove to be an interesting, little jaunt all the way around.

The theme is autumn. I can't wait to get started.

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