Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time for Tea

The above images are of a tea box made for a 14 Secrets exchange, one of my favorites thus far. Using 'Cosmic Tea Time' as a theme, I painted, collaged and otherwise embellished a candy box that was the perfect size to stuff with an assortment of teas, tea lights, bath teas, flavored honey and other goodies.

In return, I received a beautiful, little wooden box collaged with colorful papers, dressed with a hint of shimmer and topped with a unique handmade bead 'knob', created by Andrea. It's just the right size to sit on my desk, keeping my favorite teas close at hand (Earl Grey and green).

This is such a neat idea, I am going to make more as gifts. As I come across interesting boxes and containers, I'm setting them aside.

There's nothing more soothing on a cold day than a hot cup of tea...

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  1. Those are all pretty amazing! I wish I could do art like that!