Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beyond Words

A couple of things conspired today to compel me to offer a few words on this subject (oh, the irony). Browsing Lani Puppetmaker's blog I was introduced to a short film by Nic Askew, which, of course, led me to the video posted above (mmm, breadcrumbs...) I am intrigued by Nic's work on several levels.

How often do we utter phrases like "there are no words" or "language is inadequate" when attempting to describe something, well, beyond words? There is a place of inherent understanding that surpasses all language (of human construct). The best art and, yes, poetry deliver me, unannounced, to this space of purely soulful communication.

This was inspired awhile ago in response to a fellow poet's work that very often has that power (thank you):

So often you lead me
to a place
beyond words

(Strange place for a poet
you say)

But the winds
in the hollow are still––

And strains
of my own song
reverberate in yours

As you travel the depths
of this valley of dark
your words transcend
and I am transcended
as well

The void is not truly empty
but balanced
in emancipation

From your own moonless night
you offer this gift––
from feathers, wings
from a tiny spark, warmth

And I am humbled––
beyond words


I never fail to be awed by the capacity of words or art (or music) to move me to utter speechlessness. And appreciation. Nic's film offers yet another perspective to consider... (Read his own words here.) There are so many ways in which to experience an expansion of self into the infinite space that exists just beyond words. Art and poetry (both the enjoyment of and craft) are great places to begin.

And... on a really good day... you might even meet others in that space.

As my friend (and above-mentioned poet), William Burns wrote (in part):

I have crafted words
from the orbits of planets
from the currents of the seas
Crafted words
from the hearts of my enemies
from the hearts of my loves
Crafted verse to reflect
the 'Verse

I'd say.

I think it helps to remember that our soul is not a part of us so much as we are but a part of it.

Take a long look around at Lani's great blog and be sure to check out her Guardian Angel Swap whilst you're there.

Meanwhile, I'll be busy exploring more of Nic Askew's thoughtful work.

And so the trail continues...

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