Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun With Photoshop

Photoshop has long been one of my favorite art playgrounds. It's great fun to scan a mixed media piece, for instance, and digitally enhance it even further, in an infinite number of ways. The paper-n-soul banner was created from a collaged shipping tag.

I also enjoy altering a simple color photo of someone to create an image with more impact by first desaturating the color, then maybe tinting it (as in the photo above). Then I enhance the most prominent feature, the eyes, by replacing the color from the original photo. Finish with a lightly textured layer and soften the entire image and the result is a striking contrast.

The process:

As for the good-looking fellow in the photo, he is my 18-month-old grandson, Luke. Yes, his eyes really are that deep blue. All he ever has to do is pour those gorgeous blues on me and I'm toast... And does he know this? Oh no. Nope. Not at all... (riiight – just look at that face ;).

And if you think this really just might be a thinly-veiled excuse to do the shameless grandma thing... (click on the photos for a better look – heh)

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