Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Healing Tree

Isn't this pin so pretty? It's a Healing Tree pin made by my friend Winter, which, according to her description, began with the intention of becoming a bouquet of flowers, but morphed into a tree. Trees are so healing. They show up in my own artwork often and I love the very idea of a Healing Tree I can wear.

You can get a better description of this pin and see more of Winter's work at ERLICHDA – Enlightened Ornamentation, her Etsy shop. She also makes gorgeous beaded ornament covers and other beaded confections. Her necklaces are intricately exquisite – just beautiful. It's my hope she'll have some to share on her site soon, as it appears she's in the process of adding more pieces after the holiday crush. (How's that for a hint?)

I really just had to share this little pin, made with love and lots of good mojo.

Winter, you've got me thinking.... (and glancing sideways at the box of copper wire under yon art table...)

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