Saturday, May 9, 2009

Queen of Hearts

The challenge: Create a doll using recycled items. I love found object art and the creativity it inspires. I've seen some amazing art come from the least likely places. So... I started gathering anything and everything in a box, wheels turning each time I tossed in another object. How might I use this? Will this work for head/body/arms/etc.? And probably the most dangerous question of all: Wonder what's inside of this??

As it turned out, I didn't use nearly as much stuff from my box of goodies as I anticipated but that just means there's more for the next doll... or... :)

Not knowing at all what direction my doll would take I was delighted when the Queen of Hearts emerged.

Her recyclables include: a plastic lotion bottle body which has been covered in paper towel from a dye project; copper wire which forms her (poseable!) arms; copper tape; fabric scraps from a blouse create her wrap; watercolor paper scraps for stamped face and hands; an old, dried up paintbrush make a spiky hairdo; heart and crown fashioned from a Starbuck's sleeve; and the ever-popular altered Altoids tin. Plus reclaimed silk fibers, netting and buttons and other miscellaneous reusable goodies.

"open your heart"...

"to Magic"

You can see photos of some of the other dolls on swap hostess Carolyn's blog.

To see some incredible found object art, you really have to check out Remnants of Olde, in the blog list on the right. Each time I visit, I find something else to love (my current favorites are 3 Bird House and Time Capsule).

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  1. MMMmmmmm! I'd be so happy if the Queen came to Nova Scotia!