Monday, May 18, 2009

They're Heeere!

The first of the journals for the Mariposa Project have arrived, courtesy of Carol Moore! Carol sent five books, each uniquely and beautifully decorated. Some are covered in fabric, some in paper... embellished with collage and stamps and wonderful quotes and images:

Check out the back and inside cover art:

And as if five journals wasn't enough, Carol also sent a box filled with goodies for the shelter:

Activity books and papers and fabric and stamps, stamps, stamps! Wow! It's all I can do to keep from getting into the box myself and playing. :)

Carol, thank you so much for your wonderfully generous spirit. I know that each and every item will be enjoyed and appreciated.

Read more about the Mariposa Project: 500 Journals – anyone is welcome to participate. Please read through the guidelines and contact me if you'd like to make a journal. This is an ongoing endeavor and I gratefully welcome anyone who wants to join us!

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