Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Spiffiness

If you've been a previous visitor to this space then you'll notice that I've done a complete revamping – created a new background, new banner, lighter colors. I was tired of black... so dark and heavy. When I started this a couple of years ago, I chose black because it allows photos of artwork to really pop. Recently, though, I have begun to notice that a LOT of art blogs have adopted a black color scheme, probably for the same reason.

I guess I just wanted to lighten things up a bit... spring cleaning after a long, dreary winter.

I'm still playing and tweaking a little... Let me know what you think. :)

The above digitally altered photo is of a tulip from the garden (with apologies to Andreas).


  1. I do love the pink, it gives a much lighter feel and, methinks, represents YOUR tone much better. Although there is this notion that black shows art better, I know of very few museums (in fact, none that I can think of off-hand) that have black walls! My mind says it is better to go with what 'feels' right.

  2. Great artwork, wonderful colors on your blog and love how you changed the tulip photo. Greetings from Germany

  3. Lovely! Now I need to do a little spring alterations myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I really like it - I know what you mean about the black, I'm getting tired of mine! Love the photoshop work - did the tulip belong to Andreas??

  5. Winter: Thanks! The general consensus seems to be in favor of the pink. Yes, I have been told that it better represents 'me', which I hadn't really thought about when redesigning. I fell in like with black when I did Philip's photog website a few years ago and it looked so great...

    Christine: Thank you for the compliments and for visiting!

    Lani: You are welcome – and thank you! You inspire me all the time... I'm glad to be able to return the favor. :)

    Patti: Thanks! Andreas recently wrote a poem about the virtues of silk flowers over plucking (and killing) the real thing. The tulip was picked by my grandson (with the help of his grandpa) on Mother's Day.