Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pure Enchantment (Remember?)

I have loved this little film for a long long while, now, and have to revisit it now and then. It has moved me deeply, inspiring awe and even tears from the first, as it has done with countless others. It was through Duirwaigh that I was introduced to the wonderful art of the likes of David Delamare and Wendy Froud. And the music..... oh, to my soul...

Some of the original artwork has been updated (which does make me a little sad), but it's as enchanting as ever. I only wish that I could embed a larger image without it overlapping.

If you have never seen it, you are in for some Magic.... if you have, it might be time to visit again.

And... when Imagination knocks, open the Duir....


  1. How beautiful...thank you for sharing this tender tale! Fairy Wishes, Jan

  2. Thanks my moon sister, you are right, it is righ up our alley. Just beautiful!

  3. Jan and Gena, I'm happy you enjoyed it. The beautiful art and music never fail to inspire me.