Saturday, May 30, 2009


Steampunk refers to a genre of writing that marries modern technology with the Victorian era. Ingeniously intriguing, it also encompasses movies, television and some of the most delightful art I've laid amazed eyes upon.

When I think of steampunk, Dr. Who and the Wild, Wild West pop immediately into my head – shows I loved before the term 'steampunk' was ever coined. It's safe to say that steampunk bore roots in the works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and the like. To be fair, the rapid technological advances of the last few decades have made the genre even more captivating, and the term itself also reflects the 1980s era in which it was created.

Artists everywhere have embraced the steampunk style. One of my current favorite sites (and mentioned in this space before) is Remnants Of Olde. Wonderful pieces – mostly jewelry – crafted with old watch gears and bits and thingamajigs and copious amounts of creative genius. And they are not alone! I see fabulous examples of steampunk art and jewelry all the time.

Art Alchemy Studio is offering a Steampunk Doll Class online, taught by Georgina Diaz and Chaska Peacock from June 5th through June 28th. It sounds like fun. Please visit the site and check it out, ASAP. The doll pictured is definitely 'funky fun'. I have to be honest – by posting this blurb I have a chance to take this class for free – very cool! Thanks to my lovely Moon (and art!) sister, Gena, who knows me well enough to alert me to this possibility. I love doll making and am totally fascinated with steampunk, so... maybe I will be lucky. :)

The photo above was borrowed from Wikipedia. I want that, too. ;)


  1. Nice write-up about Steampunk. The link to the Steampunk Doll class information is at

    Our mutual friend, Gena, knows everyone, it seems! :-)

  2. Thank you, Chaska! The class link is embedded above, oops – maybe I need to alter the font color a bit so it's more prominent. Thanks for alerting me to this. I just redid the entire site and may have overlooked it.

    And you may be right about Gena. :)

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