Friday, October 9, 2009

Solstice Arches

As I finally get caught up on projects I'd fallen behind on over the past few months, I think it's high time I dusted off the ol' blog.

On the 14 Secrets group over the summer, we created arches for the summer solstice that have been gathered together and are being made into collaborative books by the lovely Gena. Because of the circumstances, I didn't get mine done. Opting to drop out of the swap rather than hold things up, Gena talked me into forging ahead, using the energy of the situation to create. So I did. :) My grandmother left us over the week-end of the summer solstice. She loved flowers and gardening and creating.

Sewing was her greatest pastime. So.... I implemented these elements in my arches. I used Gram's graduation photo, along with some fabrics and vintage buttons and trims that she'd been accumulating for years, paired with flower images all in shades of her favorite color, purple. It was a very satisfying, healing experience. I feel as if each arch carries the gentle spirit of my grandmother.

I'd planned to post these images quite awhile ago but have been totally caught up in catching up. Almost there!

Page backs:


These are just a few images. Wish the photos were better. I have such issues with lighting. One of these days I'll figure it out. Or I'll get better equipment.

I know the completed books will be magical.

I still have many balls in the air, but look for regular updates once again. Lots of art and enchantment and life to share. :)