Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Gothic Arches

Has Christmas really come and gone? Are we really already well into 2010? How does this happen? While it's nice to have the decorations put away (with a kitten and a 2-yr-old in the house, the tree was looking a bit disheveled), I do miss the fresh smell of pine and all the twinkle and sparkle. It seems to me that, of all the months, January could use a little sparkle (other than all that glistening snowww).

In the spirit of extending the spirit a little longer, here are some images of the mixed media Gothic arch Christmas books I made for the Anton Art Center's Christmas Market. I thoroughly enjoyed creating these books... picking and choosing the antique buttons, fabrics, ribbons, trims and images for each page and putting them together to suggest a hint of a story ready to unfold. The backgrounds consist of layers of acrylic paints, sanded and enhanced with a copper leaf pen. I used imagery by Debrina Pratt, who creates lovely, digitally-enhanced works from old images, which I've torn and further embellished with water color pencils and copper leaf pen. There are 'surprises' hidden in pockets and under flaps. Swarovski crystals add extra sparkle to the pages. Vintage cabachons and rusty bits combine nicely with the other elements. Small copper bells adorn the vintage ribbon binding so the books jingle lightly when opened. Each book measures approximately 4" x 6".

I only made two for the Art Center and they were both purchased by the same lady, who promptly requested more. She also had suggestions for other themes, which I'd already been kicking around.

Here's one last peek at Christmas past. Happy New Year.

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