Monday, April 26, 2010

April Waxes Poetic

Before the month ends, I have to post this in honor of National Poetry Month. The books in the photo were created probably close to 20 years ago by my oldest child, Philip. It was a delight to find them in a dusty box of such and sundry childhood treasures. They now occupy a place on the shelf above my desk.

The first book is untitled, but here is the intro:

"Hi! My name is Philip. I am going to tell you about my six cats. Here are their names in order. Furry, Miss Moppet, Mr. Magoo, Orange Sherbert, Doodle, and Cecelia J. (C.J. for short). I hope you enjoy the book!"

The book goes on to describe the adventures of a boy and his many cats, complete with crayon illustrations. Too precious.

No, we didn't have all of these kitties at once... the first one was actually named 'Furry Ann' (okay, he was three), and we did go on to have many more following Cecelia, the majority of them rescues. I also have no recollection of Doodle climbing a tree (but that doesn't necessarily mean it didn't happen ;)

The other book is titled 'Poems by Phil G.' Here is a sampling (the first one is sibling joy immortalized, heh):


My sister,
My brother,
They drive me crazy!
I try to build a snowman,
I ask them for some help,
What do they answer,
No No No!
I'd rather build my own.
They ask me for some help,
I answer fine!
I try to build a snow fort,
I help my sister with hers,
I ask her for some help,
But she'd rather destroy
The one I built."


The seasons are great,
It is a wonderful day,
I shall leave to play."

And on that cheerful note, I shall do the same. :)


  1. Treasures to be celebrated, a (grown) child's creative expressions rediscovered, pulled back into the light. I'm certain it isn't from a poem, but a quote I think of often is, "Not everything in life that counts can be counted."

  2. Marylinn, I don't know how I missed your comment. Your words are so eloquent and true. The little rusty, tattered and well-loved bits of the past remind us of the journey we share.

    Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment.