Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Peeps

Springtime has been pulling and tugging at my dormant muse, gently waking her from her winter slumbers. Thank goodness! Buds are just popping out on the trees and finally the grass is showing signs of green. Elsewhere flowers are coloring the earth but here it will be May before we see tulips, even with all the lovely, warm weather we've been enjoying.

The picture of little, wire-wrapped birds' nests has been floating around in my brain for awhile and I finally got around to making some. Though my left thumb is still a little swollen and tender, necessitating a band-aid and making this endeavor a bit clumsy. Still, I had fun playing with the different color and size combinations and will make a few more.

These little delights came in the mail yesterday. I love them. The depth of the color on each piece is so pretty, pictures do not do them justice. I am seeing so many possibilities...

To punctuate spring's arrival, we enjoyed lovely thunderstorms all night long and then another today, followed by a loud and boisterous hail storm. The hail was HUGE, bouncing off the windows and skylights – for awhile we had to shout to be heard above the percussion. Crazy!

Melting fast...

I have recently noticed the song of a lone bird in the middle of the night. So lovely and unexpected, echoing across the stillness... Curious, I did a little research and think it might be the Northern Mockingbird, also called the American Nightingale. Check out its song here. The male sings in spring. I've taken to listening for him when I'm awake at 2 a.m.

Hope you are enjoying the season, too.

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