Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Other Folks' Treasures

Actually, the bowl in the photo is my treasure, made by my son, Philip. I was busy in the kitchen on Sunday and when I returned to my desk, there it was. Nice surprise.

Here are some close-ups of the glaze inside. I love the way it blooms. Up close, it reminds me of nebulae, very cosmic:

I see faces in everything... (am I the only one?)

Do you see them? (Clicking on the images will enlarge them.)

I love Philip's work (and not just because I might be a wee little bit prejudiced ;)... 'Pillow's Pots' are evolving into beautiful works of art.

I also read this poem today and really appreciated it. How fitting to accompany these images. Please enjoy the work of poet Angela Kublik on Daily Haiku.


  1. wow, deb, great changes! Incredible...

  2. Thanks, Carol. I like this much, MUCH better. Now to work on the banner.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Hey, that's a beautiful bowl there! :)

  4. Ha, Philip, yeah - isn't it? I keep hoping the artist might make me a whole set. ;)

  5. I see faces ALL the time, in everything!

  6. Ayala and Jane, thanks for visiting. Jane, I'm happy to know I'm not alone. ;)