Monday, June 7, 2010

Dream A Little Dream... and other goodies

I signed up for Lani's Fotoshop Fun class over on her blog. Finally, I am learning how to do all the neat things I knew could be done in PS. Learning on your own is fine, but there are always little tricks that others can teach you that can make worlds of difference in whatever it is you're doing. In just a few short days, I've learned so much that I don't want to stop. Today, I learned to create my own brushes – huzzah! A creative monster has been unleashed. ;)

Here's the one I've made so far:

So easy – who knew? This was inspired by this song by Cass Elliot (The Mamas and Papas). Love her clear, sweet voice.

I've spent most of my time these past couple of days creating a new blog banner. The one you see at the top of the page is several dozen incarnations into the process. I think it still needs a bit of tweaking (but then I always do). I started with a photo of a dragonfly necklace I made for my daughter. I love the original photo, with its vintage paper fan for a backdrop:

Lani also introduced an interesting blog challenge to the 14 Secrets group. She posed a list of nine questions to be answered using art, photos, etc. You can read more about it on the 14 Secrets blog.

Because of the process of creating each answer in art form, I think I'll do maybe one or two at a time. The first is "Who are you?"

As I read through and consider the rest of the questions, I think this might be better answered at the end... We are always who we truly are at our very core, but it's our perception of that person that changes over time, again and again. And our perceptions color our behavior, so when we say we (or someone else) have 'changed', I think what we really mean is that we have perhaps come to know ourselves a little better. What do you think?

I don't like doing self portraits. Yet, they offer an opportunity to express who we are in a given moment. As I was creating one for a challenge in the Creative Souls Ning group, I thought I would also use it to answer the first question in Lani's challenge, as well. (Or maybe that was the other way around... hmm...) Again, I used many of the techniques learned in Lani's class:

"Peace out..."

It's a little scary to me to put it out there... like poetry – something so personal and from the soul. I can write and share 'til the cows come home but some things are a little more soul-baring.

I'll look at this again when I've completed Lani's questions... and decide if my perception has changed...

Thank you, Lani, for so often keeping me on my creative toes.

Dream a little dream...

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  1. WOW! This is so wonderful, Deb, and I'm so glad you are enjoying the class!

  2. Deb, WELCOME to my blog as well.. I added ME to yours.
    I love watching the progress of other artists and to hear how, where, the inspiration comes from.
    Have you heard the cd called.."who do you think you are?".. It is extremely expensive on the site.. I ordered it in ebay for one eight of the price .. check it out.. Powerful stuff.
    Love your work. hugs

  3. I love the monster Lani has created in you! :o) I always find Lani inspiring.

  4. I'm so glad you have been courageous enough to go forward with Lani's challenge. I love your answer to the 1st question. Sounds like your breaking free!

  5. Wow, thanks, everyone! I appreciate the support. Each of you knows, I'm sure, how it feels to put a little of yourself out there for the wide world to see (and judge). But there's really little point in keeping it to ourselves, either, right?

    Bill, I agree – Lani always finds just the right inspiration to share. She probably doesn't even know that it was her 14 Secrets class that prompted me to make real paper and paint art again a few years ago (did ya, Lani? ;)

    Darlene (Dancing Mango), thanks for following me, too. :) Like you, I enjoy seeing others as they move through the process. Blogs are great for that. I'll look for the CD, it sounds interesting.

    Darlene (ART*ticulation), thanks – I hope I get through all nine questions, lol. And I hope you can solve your photo uploading mystery soon. I need to see your trees!