Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Summer Solstice

This sweet faery was created for a charm swap in honor of Fairy Day, on June 24th. Fairy Day was founded by artist Jessica Galbreth, whose beautiful, dreamy fairy paintings enchant believers everywhere.

The image is from a 1920s salon ad. I think she looks a little like Helen Hunt, don't you? The embellishments are all done in Photoshop, using, of course, lessons learned in Lani's class.

Her poem reads:

Solstice Dreams

I dream of the sweet perfume
of honeysuckle
of summer rain &sand

Of sea treasures
&forest flowers
cradled in my hand

Tiny jewels
in a crown of stars
that dance both day &night

Gathered on a zephyr's song––
by couriers
of winged delight

(©Deborah Gilchrist)

Just a little summer song.

Pics of faery charms coming soon. Meanwhile, wrap yourself in the magic of the solstice... and keep your eyes open for the fae folk... you never know where they might be hiding.


  1. ~*Hello! Yes, I make the mini cupcakes into charms and beads! :o)
    I took care of the comment duplicate and entered your name for the chocolate one!*~

  2. Haha, thanks! :) They are so sweet...