Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Full Moon Muse Madness – The Reveal

Stella came through! Pete's Muse saw to it that my full moon respite was, outwardly, fairly quiet as she gently prodded me to try something completely new and different, something that I've been intending to try for awhile. It's only about a minute long, but whew... it took a LOT of editing. That is, you know, after all of the digital images were completed to satisfaction. Not having ever used iMovie (or anything similar), there was some time involved in uncovering the little quirks of the program, but overall, it's fairly simple. Of course, I used only stills and no actual video but now that I have tripped through the process, I have a whole stack of Luke clips awaiting some iMovie magic.

Watch out. ;)

For a larger format, you can view 'Gestation' directly on You Tube (mouse over the lower right corner of the video screen and click on the You Tube icon that appears). Sadly, full screen format doesn't translate quite as well with embedded videos. It isn't terrible but not as crisp as the original, and so a little disappointing to me. If there's a trick to this, I haven't yet discovered it. But hey, at least I got it this far.

Pete also had a clever rendezvous with my Muse. A perfectly delightful must-read, complete with a nod to chocolate.

All in all, an interesting and enjoyable experience. Truly inspired. Pete's Muse reminded me that sometimes we just need to jump in with both feet and embrace whatever comes. Thanks, Stella and Quinn! Other results are here... check back at this link for more as they are posted.


  1. Fantastic first try with making a video! Great work! I love the quote.

  2. Bill, thank you. The quote is perfect, isn't it? This was a fun undertaking, making the clip and the whole muse swap idea.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Well now, another iMAC user. Cool. We have three of them here at Spadoville. I get the new one with the big screen, (But I still have to wear glasses). The kids use the old one and the lap top just got a new cord, its third.

    Your YouTube from iMovie is great. You say it's your first one? Very nice. I have a few on there. If you care to, YouTube has me as Spadoman, you can check them out. I think I asked you once before, your profile says, Great Lakes. Which one? Some YouTubes are from Ashland, WI, on the frozen lake. Auto races, the ice road to Madeline Island, life along lake Superior in Spring.
    Anyway, Thanks for stopping at Round Circle. I think I'll put this blog on my side bar if you don't mind. I get a real sense of peacefulness here.


  4. Thanks for the visit. No Haiku this week, but I'm glad you stopped by anyway.

    Yeah, we've been Mac folk for a long time, here. Hmm, I believe we have four in the house at the moment, but only three are actually being used. My current one is a mini, which I absolutely love.

    I am in SE Michigan, nearest to Huron but my favorite of the Lakes is Superior. They're all beautiful and grand but there's just something about Lake Superior... the photo in the lake haiku from a few weeks ago is, in fact, Superior.

    I will definitely check out your videos. I did have fun playing with iMovie.

    Thanks for adding my blog to your list and I will do the same.

  5. Absolutely lovely bit of video there.

  6. Thank you, Carina. I'm glad you enjoyed it.