Thursday, August 5, 2010

Haiku My Heart

weathered and worn
fog seeps in––
half caff? are you kidding me?

After a recent string of sleepless nights, I was mortified one early morning to discover that the only coffee in the house was half caff. That situation has been quickly rectified.

An alternate 'ku (or senryu):

weathered and worn
in morning's haze
toss one more scoop in the pot

The original image was photographed by my son, Philip (who really needs a website to showcase his gorgeous photography). He generously allows me to use his photos as my playground and I am thrilled.

Please visit Rebecca's blog for more Haiku My Heart Friday treats.

(Some of the original text was removed from this post out of love and respect for family members during this difficult time. Thank you for your understanding.)


  1. Lovely photo and poetry... Hope all goes well with your parents...

  2. I like the senryu! I can see you, bleary-eyed, tossing one more scoop in the pot!

    Haiku My Heart…with Laundry

  3. Perhaps you should stop and treat yourself to a really good cup of some delicious brew at a coffee shop ? Sounds like you definitely deserve it !
    Wonderful haiku and photo play in the midst of all the chaos. Here's to a peaceful Friday.

  4. Absolutely toss in one more scoop! Hoping peace descends quickly for you and that your parents will be well.

  5. Hello Deborah,
    I like your haiku. You have a lovely blog. I am sorry that you are feeling so much pain and most likely anxiety over your parents. I do know what that is like. I spent much time in hospitals and eventually a nursing home with my mom before she passed five years ago. It is a difficult journey. I pray that they both recover and come home to you. I also wrote a haiku and have a picture and some music. It might make you feel better if you visit.
    Peace and Light,

  6. Thank you so much to each of you for visiting and leaving such kind and thoughtful comments. I'm sorry I've been unable to reciprocate but will try to do so soon.

    Peace and love to each of you.

  7. i am home from my teaching away and just now able to visit every ones friday haiku.
    thank you for this..
    i love the fog...the softness and mystery.

    sending comfort to you on this sunday morning along with my thanks for your haiku.
    take care.

  8. Don't know what's up, but everyone talking about your parents. Sending positive energy your way to help with whatever it is. In the meantime, friends don't let friends drink decaf. Don't even think of it!


  9. Stopped by, thinking of you. I'll be at the big lake again today, then a Pow Wow this weekend at Bad River. I'll cast a stone into the water for you and all you hold dear.

    Much Peace.

  10. Rebecca and Spadoman, thank you.

    Spadoman, enjoy your time at the big lake (I know you will). And the Pow Wow. Sounds magical to me. And thank you for casting a stone in the water... what a beautiful gesture.

    Today my dad is being moved from the ICU at the hospital to a rehabilitation center. He has come a long way in the past three weeks, and still has much further to go but he's tough. :) My family and I appreciate all the good thoughts that have been directed our way.