Friday, July 16, 2010

Haiku My Heart - The Butterfly Effect

as we hold our breath––
somewhere, a light shines

In the wake of oil spills and other destruction, does Nature know our reverence?

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Coming very soon... news on Muse swap... (Intrigued? So was I...)

The beautiful photo above was taken by my friend, Sam. (Click to enlarge image.)


  1. thank you deborah,
    these words...
    much appreciated.
    this light

  2. love your haiku~~i always enjoyed doing it in school...thank you for leaving a message on my blog!!!hope you are staying cool as the humidity is bad this year in ohio..take care~kim

  3. I love this. Yes, nature does, it never really changes. All of it, the sun, the moon, the stars, weather, the four winds. They all are really what it is all about. we are in the way most of the time, but it beats on. Nature knows of those that care and are reverent.
    Very well done. Love the butterflies!


  4. Nature is resilient and strong - have faith.

  5. I hope so!!!I LOVE nature, to be out amongst it,I feel free!!! and loved!!

  6. beautiful words .... and I doubt that Nature needs or wants us or our reverence at all .... feeling cynical of late

  7. Really beautiful and powerful haiku...

  8. Lovely... I think nature knows... not that she needs to know... or care... but I think she does...

  9. I hope nature knows. I love the way you use the idea of the butterfly effect.

  10. I think Nature sighed contentedly when the flow was staunched, even if it's only temporary.

  11. I hope that nature can see that not all of us are working towards her destruction. Lovely haiku and beautiful photograph.

  12. Thank you, all. I'm enjoying the bit of discussion this sentiment has sparked. While I agree that Nature in no way needs us (ha, quite the opposite), I believe that there is a spirit inherent in Nature that appreciates our appreciation and reverence. Perhaps even more so now. She gives us so much.

    Perhaps even a silent acknowledgment of gratitude here can cause light to shine elsewhere. One can hope.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate your appreciation. :)


  13. Lovely image, lovely words. It scares me what man is doing to the world, accident or no accident.

    Thank you also for popping over to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I appreciate it :O)