Thursday, September 23, 2010

Haiku My Heart - Call of the Wild

 a glorious harvest wut?
not on my watch. . .
(wild thing)   

The pitfalls of domestication.

How about you? Does the season call to you? Does it tease and tug at something primal deep within?

Did you howl at the glorious Harvest Moon?

More haiku for your wild, secret heart at Rebecca's place.



  1. I Love, love, love this kitty. What a wonderful photo and such a lovely idea surrounded by autumn leaves. I took pictures of the harvest moon and jupiter. They came out just okay, but I caught it. It is even more beautiful tonight I think.

  2. Autumn is definitely my favorite season. Maybe it does make me feel a bit wild too!

  3. Great stuff! Many seem to be happy that Fall is here, at least everyone is mentioning it. I have too, and like most others, it is my favorite time of the year.
    I missed the harvest moon, been raining and cloudy here since Wednesday afternoon! But there will be more full moons to celebrate, and I'll light the fire next time.

    Wonderful here.


  4. I do love this time of year. :) Your kitty is very sweet.

  5. we are an early morning crowd,
    especially for such a wild bunch!
    love your haiku...
    and Fall!

  6. what a lovely sweet kitty! Autumn is my personal favorite - the change in weather, the falling leaves. Love every minute of it!

  7. Indeed a very beautiful haiku... know I am getting haikued..

  8. Love your pussy image all tucked-up in dreamy sleep, makes me feel all comforted and ready for the sleepy season!

  9. You'd never know her mission in life is to wreak havoc. ;) Just a silly pic and verse this week, keeping it light.

    Thanks so much, everyone, for visiting. Today the weather is decidedly autumnal. Wonder if it's here to stay? Miss Thing is up to her usual antics – she's just pushed and dragged her water bowl halfway across the kitchen (again), full of water, no less. It's big - how does she do that? If only she'd learn to wipe up the spills.

    Just another Saturday afternoon... :)


  10. Great haiku! That's a different line count than I use to. I'll have to check how many different versions there are.

  11. Bill, thank you. There are more 'rules' for writing haiku than you might imagine, many of them contradictory. :) Check out this link:

    Under 'How-to Haiku' click on 'Haiku Rules that Have Come and Gone' by Jane Reichhold, and don't let your head explode. ;)

    For my personal philosophy and what works for me, you can read this post, if you like:

    I love the 'one breath' rule. To me, the challenge is to convey the essence of something as succinctly as possible. I love a good challenge. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Bill.