Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sailing the Titanic

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This image started with a pencil drawing of a face, in fact one of the faces in my last post – the Goddess of Autumn. I happened on it when I was looking for the pictures for that post and thought that I really wanted to do more with it. 

Have I mentioned that I really love Photoshop?  ;)

There's a haunting feel to the finished piece... is she watching through a cabin window aboard a sinking vessel... or is her spirit part of the images reflected in glass?

What is her story?


  1. Where did the idea of the Titanic come from? Is that your creation? Another pretty face. All that I have seen are such. I still love the gypsy.


  2. Thank you, Joe. Actually, as often happens, this lady went off in a direction of her own choosing. Have you seen images of the recent Titanic expedition? So eerie and haunting. For whatever reason, they popped into my head as I was working on this piece and so that's where she went. :)

    There's a metaphor in there, somewhere.

  3. I might add that the transformation captivates me. Every time.

  4. Indeed. ;) Thank you for visiting, EG.