Thursday, September 9, 2010

Haiku My Heart - Angels We Have Heard On High :)

angelic choir––
 divine raspberry


This image was created from a photo of my grandson, taken at his third birthday party last week-end. The pose, captured by his Uncle Philip, was so angelic and sweet that I just had to have some fun with it. When he saw the original, he giggled and said, "I was makin' silly noises on my arm!" Oh, so much for angelic. Ha.

Thank goodness for the little ones and their gusto for living in the moment. They have a magical way of instantly making us forget sadness or worry or whatever less-than-happy emotion we might be momentarily stuck within.

Today, in anticipation of getting to ride his new bike, this happy, little soul ran to the open window, pressed his face to the screen and exclaimed, "Hi World! Whaddaya doin'? I comin' outside in a minnit!"

Such delightful exuberance. Watch out, World. :)

Please visit the lovely Rebecca's blog and follow the yellow brick road to gently open, fill and haiku your heart.



  1. Hello Deb,
    this is a beautiful haiku. I wanted to stop by to offer my prayers and blessings to you at the loss of your dear father. I do know what it is to lose a parent; it is a journey we all must take unfortunately and it takes the longest time to heal it seems. I wish you peace, love and support from friends and many blessings of loving kindness down the road.

  2. Hi, Deb. I have so enjoyed reading your beautiful haiku and wanted to let you know how sorry I am to hear of the death of your father. I think this community of bloggers is a force of good -- a bit of peace and warmth in the world -- a connection that is ineffable.

    Blessings and healing to you and your family.

  3. Little blessings to offset sad losses.

  4. This is a lovely post. Thanks for sharing it.

    All the best, Boonie

  5. wonderful! I have been researching 'cherubs' and this is exactly what I've been finding :)

  6. Oh, so glad you have this little bit of heavenly silliness to lighten your heart during this sad time. I love his, "Hi world! I comin' outside in a minnit!" Adorable.

  7. Your post is so beautiful and, I can sooo relate. Thank you for popping by, I'm so glad to find my way here. Loving your writing and enjoying your blog.
    Best to you, special grandma blessings to us both ;)

  8. What a lovely fun haiku and I love the photo of your grandson. I am very interested in how you created this angelic version.

  9. What a sweet and honest boy, and angelic as well! :)

    I'm happy to know he inspired this haiku...which is excellent! Very nicely done.

  10. This beautiful haiku and the stories behind it made me smile big ! Thank you for that.
    Happy Friday !

  11. dear one...
    so glad to have you return. your grandson is a holy choir! may his unabashed love of life lift your heart always.
    thank you for being a radiant part of haiku my heart.


  12. Sweet photo. I just love it that he was honest and told you what he was really doing. :)

  13. Thank you, everyone. Three-year-olds are such a delight - they say exactly what's on their minds and my grandson is no exception. :)

    I'm fortunate enough to be reminded every day of the joy and beauty in the world, no matter what circumstances might surround me in the moment. I'm also fortunate to have found such a warm and wonderful group of poetic souls with whom to share what I find.

    Thank you all.


  14. Marilyn, this image was digitally enhanced in Photoshop, using many layers, filters, textures and brushes. I have several versions of it – I love to play. ;)

    I recently took a class which opened up entirely new worlds for me. So much fun.