Friday, October 22, 2010

Haiku My Heart - Last Dance

The weather has suddenly turned blustery, as October whirls and prances so swiftly toward November. Up until yesterday evening, we were without heat as we awaited parts for a furnace repair. Just in time, too, as we had our first hard frost of the season last night. How nice it was to be toasty warm whilst the banshees outside practiced their wails and moans.

We've had a gorgeous fall, beautifully sunny with bright blue skies and little rain. The leaves are starting to disappear quickly, now, and soon enough the trees will stand naked against wintry skies. Until then, though, I want to inhale every bit of autumn's sweet, crisp fragrance and feast my eyes on her rich palette.

Here are a few photos taken during a drive through the country and along Lake Huron and the St. Clair River last week-end.

For more wonderful ways to haiku your heart, please visit Recuerda Mi Corazon.

Peace to your soul.


  1. I love your beautiful description of your recent fall days. Lovely photo and haiku as well - I like "cheeky gusts."

  2. Sigh! We will have to turn our furnace on soon! There's still some leaves left on the trees, I HOPE they stick around for a hopefully Indian Summer!

  3. cheeky indeep!
    thank you for your place of beauty here with the haiku hearts!

  4. My, you have a way with words.
    both shorthand haiku and full-on prose. Delicious.

    Snap on the heating front:
    We are still waiting for the boiler man, who now tells us he can't come until the second week in November. We shall have to shiver for another three weeks:-)

  5. Cheeky gusts.... Lovely use of words.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  6. Very nice Deb.. The photos are wonderful. Like you, I can stand and look at the lake forever. I love the haiku. The title, Last Dance. That is so awesome. Great stuff.


  7. Beautiful! You make autumn come alive with this wonderful haiku and image. I love it!

  8. What an entrancing haiku you have created Deborah! I absolutely love it. I also love your photo and your description of the weather changes in your area. I am in the southwest right now looking at fall leaves and the weather is changing here now as well. Beautiful idea, the metaphor of a dance!

  9. Yup - we've had a few cheeky gusts. So glad the furnace repair guy was able to quickly diagnose the negligence of the guy who unhooked the flame sensor on one furnace and turned off the gas to the other furnace, all when he was supposed to be doing the prepaid annual maintenance. And no, the one coming to fix things wasn't from the company with the prepaid maintenance contract. They suddenly stopped returning calls.

  10. you have mirrored what is going on over here in idaho near the canadian border... the autumn colors are incredible... i love your autumn ku and photo too... i went over to fb to c more photos and loved the sea and boats photo... rainy curtain

  11. I like the picture your haiku evoked in my mind!

  12. Pretty piece and lovely blog Deb.
    Coleen in Ukraine

  13. Thank you, all, for visiting and for your kindness. I appreciate it!

    I hope everyone's furnace woes are over by now. We've had some pretty chilly nights, here. Thank goodness for heat.