Friday, October 15, 2010

Haiku My Heart - "Wraith"

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Must be the season... I'm feeling the call of the night, of all the hidden secrets and mysteries that take up residence in the deepest corners of my soul. As we approach the time when the veil betwixt worlds grows thinnest, the pull grows ever stronger.

Do you feel it?

Haiku your wild, freaky heart with Rebecca and friends.

Peace to your bonfires...


  1. Captivating image - enhanced by very imaginative words. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  2. You know I feel it, and I love that feeling. The spirits travel best between the realms around now and will be visiting us soon. The witches, wraiths and warlocks around here have been active too, keeping me from sleep. They sound like mice.
    Very good stuff, and perceptive as well.


  3. There are things unseen that we need to be aware of. Thanks for the subtle reminder.

    Haiku My Heart…with Joy

  4. Perhaps that's why the creative urges come so fast and furious. It is a thin time, but so productive.

  5. Wonderful imagine from both your photo and words. I too feel the pull of night, a time of wonder.

  6. Hiya Deb,
    Amusing and subtle
    Special and Thriller-like.
    But in a pretty way, with exceptional word choices.

    I can hear Vincent Price's voice....

    Spadoman says his witches sound like mice.
    I wish my mice sounded like witches or wraiths.
    Instead they march round in hobnailed boots, keeping me from sleep :-)

  7. Yes, I do feel it! Beautiful words and the outlay of your blog is just stunning

  8. i am home, and catching up on all the haiku.
    love yours. it calls to me!