Friday, December 10, 2010

Haiku My Heart - Like the Moon and the Stars and the Sun

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a peaceful heart,
life interrupted–-
still we all shine on

This week marked the 30th anniversary of the shocking and violent death of a peace-loving soul. There was so much tragic irony in that single, senseless act that it still befuddles me today. I have to wonder what earthly wisdom and visionary creativity might have been birthed in that 30 years... I think John Lennon was just reaching his stride when his life was so rudely interrupted.

We'll never know. 

Visit Rebecca and friends to haiku your heart with love. 

Peace... and shine on.... 


  1. A great tribute to a great peaceloving human being. The Beatles changed the world, and the idea lives on despite his death.
    Love the photo, looks like glass. Could be the stars.


  2. Wonderful tribute to John Lennon... and we do all shine on.

  3. thank you for this...indeed, may we all shine on.

  4. what a beautiful tribute . . . i do hope we all shine on . . .

  5. This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. I can remember exactly where I was when it occurred. Everyone was sobbing and holding one another. Such an incredible loss. Beautiful post, deb and his spirit lives on.

  6. Hiya Deb,

    Beautiful visual tribute.

    I'm not sure about the loss of the singer and poet: Somehow I feel that being encapsulated in eternal youth might also have appealed to his psyche....

  7. Your image and haiku 'shines on' to reflect the beautiful spiritual person that you are.

    Thank you,
    Sue x

  8. Lovely Haiku and a great Tribute too.

  9. Mr. Spado, thanks. I agree and you are correct. The photo is of some glass ornaments that I painted. Lately, I'm looking toward the heavens a lot.

    Marilyn, Rebecca and Tami - we definitely shine on. This much I know.

    Noelle, it was a sad loss, and thank you. He left quite a legacy in words and music.

    Joco, thanks. You may very well be right, though I tend to believe that fatherhood weaved its little, growing-up magic spell on him. ;) But... sadly, we'll never know.

    Sue, thank you. :) It's a reflection of what I find around me.

    Nanka, thank you, and to each of you for stopping by. I appreciate that you come and read.

  10. ohh yes, it is good to see his shine shining in both his sons who are creatively collaborating with music and love... sean has a great team of musicians along with his lovely wife..

  11. wow, he still is powerful... I included him in my post and here he is in yours...


  12. I absolutely love this haiku tribute. The collage is so beautiful.

  13. A lovely post and fitting tribute. I think that his Imagine is one of the most beautiful songs ever.

    Have a great holiday, Boonie