Friday, December 3, 2010

Haiku My Heart - Sea Treasure

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The spiral theme continues. This little shell sits on a small porcelain dish on my desk. It reminds me of the Milky Way. Interesting connection, I know. :)

I cleaned my desk this week and unburied the rather large collection of beach stones, crystals, shells and other goodies that have taken up residence there. In fact, if it's possible I think they've multiplied under the stack of papers, art supplies and assorted Luke things that also collect on my desk. Each dish, bowl and cup in the photo below holds stones and crystals. Many are beach stones gathered from the shores of the Great Lakes over the years, including several Lake Superior agates and a neat specimen of a Petoskey stone. Some of the shells have traveled here from the ocean, from places like South Carolina, Florida and California.

Lots of crystals have found their way to me over the years, as well. I love the mystical and healing properties of stones and crystals. I enjoy being able to reach out and pick up whichever one speaks to me and feel its presence, the weight of it in my hand... the way its energy and spirit pulse gently into my own being.

My desk holds a nice representation of beautiful gifts from earth, sea and forest, millions of years in the making. Once and future treasures.

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  1. i do see the celestial beauty inherent in this. love the movement of the cosmic swirl.....

    beautiful haiku to a tiny universe.
    thank you for being here and your place in our hearts.

  2. such a lovely poem for a perfect picture.

  3. What ever happened to my Petoskey stone? Several times in my younger days, I had to leave stuff behind when I moved. I had a huge sea shell display I mounted on a board so it looked like the ocean bottom. I wish I had it now. Oh well. C'est la vie. I have to just come back and look at your collection.

  4. i can see the milky way in that shell, too. and your desk is a veritable treasure trove!

  5. A nice picture of future and present.. but then was it past too..

  6. seashells and stones.... the power of a vision and a rough edge relate... it must have been an interesting day to find such wonderful treasures... there is something so wonderful and perfect abt shells and stones... beautiful photo and poem... thank you

  7. Although I don't get to the ocean much, I do delight in finding sea treasures!
    Blessed One, Haiku My Heart!

  8. You're very artistic. Thanks for this post.

    All the best, Boonie

  9. A very beautiful haiku, I love the fragile shell and the fact that it is part of the universe - present and future.
    I love stones and often have some in my pocket to touch during the day.