Friday, February 11, 2011

Haiku My Heart – How Many Angels?

Orion nebula, NASA Hubble image

what artist's brush
reveals the colors
of angels dancing?

Always, when I look to the heavens, I see them. From a small child, when I first noticed them swirling in ethereal raiment through cottony clouds, Angels have graced my skies. They are just there... in the clouds, in the nebulae, in the auroras. Even in the patterns on my wallpaper. :)

I saw this beautiful imagery yesterday, and my first thought was "So many Angels!".

Color me crazy. I see what I see. :) Maybe you see them, too.

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Peaceful Angel-gazing...


  1. Only the angels could be that beautiful!

  2. I see them too, cosmic!

    Love Sue x

  3. angels fly, dancing
    through the firmament on wings
    that never ignite

  4. These are all amazing images. I see angels for sure. Where I am now, in New Mexico, is not far from a place called the Very Large Array, VLA. These are radio telescopes. At their visitors center, they have the most amazing photographs, similar to ones you posted, but they are on a screen as big as a roadside billboard. A lot of angels watching over us all I think. Send one my way next time one drops by.


  5. perfect.
    i love knowing there is so much more than what appears to be.

    i know you know!

  6. Ah, so many angels
    In your space pick colours
    Keep painting delight...

    My two weeks have been full of angels.. thanks for giving colours of happiness..along with my wings of joy..

  7. Thanks for this fascinating post. It seems that you're a rather angelic person.

    Have a good weekend, Boonie

  8. there's a saying about entertaining strangers that you never know who they might be... sharing a piece of bread perhaps.... changing a tire... greeting in a grocery line or perhaps on a bus or a terminal... the sky paints a beautiful picture of heavenly hosts...

  9. I see them Deb..Each dressed in a different hue. Beautiful!

  10. Wouldn't you love to see the Northern lights some day? Maybe you have.
    I can't quite see myself traveling up North in the deepest darkest time of winter, but see a spectacle for real must be amazing.
    Heavenly art alright.

  11. lovely angels - seem to be a theme this week along with spring.

    thank you!

  12. ''The wound of living in a culture that denies our interconnectedness with all life, and that denies the existence of the invisible realm of intuition, imagination, spirit and dreams."

    Our separateness feeds the dreams of those who seek to harm us.