Friday, February 18, 2011

Haiku My Heart - Hunger Moon

NASA image

full-bellied sister
sails the deep winter sky
hearts rising

In the wee hours, the full moon shone bright and beautiful in clear skies, beckoning us to stop for a time and honor the deeper parts of ourselves.

Reading about the current full moon on the blog Virgo Magic, written by astrologer Emily Trinkaus, I was smacked upside the head by this statement:

"Chiron in Pisces triggers the wounds of separation. [...] The wound of living in a culture that denies our interconnectedness with all life, and that denies the existence of the invisible realm of intuition, imagination, spirit and dreams."

Whoa. Even if you have never heard of Chiron or think astrology is just a bunch of hooey, does this statement resonate? I've spent a lifetime feeling a connection to, or in my earliest memories, at least an awareness of something beyond what I could see or touch... alternating with the feeling of not quite belonging here. From an early age, I knew such feelings were not the accepted norm and so I learned to keep them to myself. I also understand that I'm not alone in this lifetime of knowing. But I've never considered it in this context.

According to Ms. Trinkaus, this full moon in Leo is urging us to open our hearts to all of our painful wounds – to acknowledge and allow this pain to flow through us, thereby dissolving the wounds of (perceived) separation. Cracking our hearts wide open...

Our Native ancestors called this the Hunger Moon, because it is the full moon of deep winter, when everything is frozen and dormant. Food sources were scarce for our ancestors.

On a very basic level, separation from the source of their existence.

Hunger Moon.

Seems a fitting metaphor for this moon, as well.

Rumi said, "The wound is the place where the Light enters you".

Let it be so.

I'll leave you with this, another celebration of this particular full moon. Beautiful and flowing with peace  – and light – to fill those spaces in your heart:

Watch in full screen mode.

Haiku your heart here.

Read a little about this beautiful Lantern Festival here.


  1. really magical things happening here today...offering love to our wounds...I think it is what we are all hungering for.

    Peace, light and Love to you !

  2. the wound is the place where the light enters you.

    may we all swallow this hunger moon with a willingness to be filled with light.
    beautiful haiku, and your thoughts shared...

  3. Very interesting and beautiful ceremony in Taiwan. The moon was full in the wee hours of Friday morning. When it rose up over the horizon where I am was Friday evening around 7:00 PM. I watched it for an hour. It started to brighten the sky, then look like a halo, then the light poked over the mountain. I watched until its fillness was completely in sight.I know there were others watching, somewhere. All our eyes gathering together looking at the same thing.That's the connectedness that I saw and felt. Yours is another step, another way of gathering and a wonderful way to think about it as we have all had pain and wounds. I let Grandmother Moon carry mine away beyond the Star Nation.


  4. Beautiful much to digest with the hunger moon.


  5. Thank you for these words, they resonate. I'm glad of the connectedness this tribe offers, at least we don't go hungry for expressions of love!

    Sue x

  6. This was a truly heart-opening experience coming here today. I love that you have the Rumi quote here as I have had it recently on my blog. We think alike :). I was not aware of all of the mythos surrounding the hunger moon and chiron in pisces although I should be since the school I attended is very interested in astrology as well. I love that the light of the moon is connected with opening oneself to remembering woundedness and to healing. I think if we all understood our interconnectedness to the realm of dreams, imagination and the creative spirit perhaps this would be a more peaceful planet, don't you think. I love your Lantern video. It was the best part of my morning. Magic. Thank you. Beautiful post.

  7. Hi Deborah~ The full moon as multi-faceted metaphor always takes me in her sway: the mature woman with rounded stomach; "sailing" and "rising" so full of energy and life. I love the idea of cracking open our hearts and connecting! Along with the soft floating lights, your post is both spirit and earth. Namaste, Margaret

  8. the moon rises full
    as lanterns bless black skies
    the ovum breeds life


  9. Adieu, ma belle... you've touched far more souls than you will ever know. I am honored to have crossed paths, however so ephemerally, with you. You live on in my heart, always, Gena

  10. dear one...i miss you. are you all right?

  11. Fascinating post. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  12. I miss you.
    Even though we barely knew each other, I had your sweet face on the hard disk in my head. It is still there, together with some of your words and thoughts, gleaned from the posts over the past year of haiku.