Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wishes, Dreams and Hidden Things

The Tarot Deck Collective is a collaboration by several artists to create a Tarot deck based upon individual interpretation of the original 72 cards of the Tarot. They are being created for exhibition at the Bath Fringe Festival in the UK. (Sounds like a fun festival!)

The cards I chose to illustrate are the Star and the Moon. Click on either image for a larger version to better see the detail.

The Star is the card of wishes, hopes and dreams. The woman in the image is bathed in the golden glow of starshine as she contemplates universes both within and without. Unadorned except for sparkling starlight she is ready to bare her soul's deepest desires to the cosmos... and to trust that they will come to fruition.

Ah, the Moon..... the Moon has both a dark and a light side and is all about our hidden emotions, illusion, intuition, transformation... it illuminates that which might have been buried or kept from our conscious vision. There's nothing quite like the luminous glow of a full moon to bring it all to light. The Moon takes us deep within our inner process whether we like it or not, but the journey is always well worth the effort.

Each of these cards was created using acrylic paints, collage, colored pencils, gel pens and digital imagery. To view more, visit The Tarot Deck Collective blog.

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