Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer of Love

It has been quite awhile since my last update. Sadly, my grandmother left us on June 19th, and it has taken some time to right myself again. I haven't been feeling all that creative until very recently. I did myself a huge favor and signed up for a 'Summer of Love' workshop with Suzi Blu. A class forces me to just do it. And a Suzi class is far too fun not to do it.

The workshop I'm taking is called "The Goddess and The Poet" and it's all about drawing faces with some stylized and some realistic elements. Faces with a spiritual essence that hopefully draws the viewer in, and then adding some embellishments and maybe some slightly surreal elements, and poetry. What's not to love? Above is a graphite drawing, my third, not yet finished. This week we're adding color and working in our Moleskine journals. Ohh, Moleskine – who knew? Well, apparently everyone but me. :) The Italian paper is gorgeous – buttery soft in both color and texture and loves Prismacolors (long my fave pencils). It's like a little slice of art heaven.


In my absence, I've been honored to receive another blogger award – One Lovely Blog – from Catherine Witherell of Happy Day Art. Catherine is an amazing metal clay artist. Her jewelry is just stunning so when you visit her blog be sure to wander through her Etsy shop, as well. Thank you, Catherine! I now have ten awards to pass along... oh, I'm sooo behind. I am working on choosing, though – it's tough! Stay tuned...


I miss my grandmother. Gram, if you're out there somewhere reading this, I just want you to know that I get it, now. ;) Thank you. Love you.

Keep dancing...


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  1. Love the new blog - sorry I don't get to drop by more often ;) Love the drawing and the photo of you and your gram. All very moving, Deb. XOXO